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What is Hydro Fly ?

Halfway between the boat and the plane, the Hydro Fly offers unknown sensations and concretizes the dream of flying on the surface of water

technical sheet


Technical sheet HYDRO FLY 9.5



Version with foils

Version without the foils*


*Planing hull with normal outboard engine


Principal boat length : 9,50M 

Total length : 10,42M

Width : 6,50M

Draugth : 1,84M (foils down) and 80CM (foils raised). Or 60CM without foils

Motorization : Outboard motor : 300 CV or 400 CV

Speed between 40 and 50 knots

Weight : Between 2.5 tonnes et 3 tonnes depending on the materials and equipement chosen

Cockpit about 6m2 without sunbathing and banquettes

Air conditioner


Table inside

Table cockpit

Double front bed

Kitchen with microwave, fridge, freezer




Engine lift

Side ladder


Automatic windlass

Électronics : GPS, plotter, depth sounder

Meteorological radar, Internet...

Two inspection holes in the side hulls

Watertight boxes for foils and bow (crash boxes).

Stranding possible with the raised foils


Price not communicated due to materials, equipement and options chosen


Features and Benefits

Particularities : Boat able to sail with foils up to wind of force 4 and a swell of 80cm. Beyond these weather conditions, it is not to sail or by raising the foils and returning to a shelter at moderate speed. The version of Hydro Fly without the foils allows to navigate in all weather.

Equipement : The Hydro Fly 9.5 will have mechanisms integrated in the floats for the automatic raising of the foils and their lowering as well as engine

The delta wing is arranged with sunbathing, double benches and high quality furniture. Several storage spaces are provided and easy to access

The center hull includes an interior design worthy of a yacht and may be modified at the request of the purchaser

A touch pad handles the various functions of the boat while there is a throttle to the right of the pilot


An automatic bimini-top will cover the whole cell of life in the back of the boat and to the cockpit

Hydro Fly 9.5 is a hydrofoil propelled by an outboard engine

It is a boat whose hull rises and holds in elevation above the water from a certain speed. This kinetics is obtained thanks to the lift of a set of marine wings and which operate according to the same principle as an airplane wing.

The navigation above the flow of the Hydro Fly 9.5  is about 80cm and reduces by about 30% the forces of friction which are usually exerted on the hulls when they are in contact with the water.

With less resistance to advancement, the boat consumes less fuel and goes faster. In addition, he did not suffer either chop or roll. The foils split the wave and the hydrofoil remains flat

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